Translation support

Translation Support

With Hugo i18n possibilities, you can easily have a website in your language. This Hugo theme is ready to be translated into other languages. You can create a special file that contains translated text to show the visitor instead of English.

Hugo Syntax Highlighting

You can have code snippets highlighted so that they are easier to read on your site using Chroma, Hugo’s default syntax highlighter. It is built in Go lang and is really, really fast – and for the most important parts compatible with Pygments. Chroma takes source code and other structured text and converts it into syntax highlighted HTML, ANSI-coloured text, etc.

Getting Started with Hugo

Step 1. Install Hugo Go to Hugo releases and download the appropriate version for your OS and architecture. Save it somewhere specific as we will be using it in the next step. More complete instructions are available at Install Hugo Step 2. Build the Docs Hugo has its own example site which happens to also be the documentation site you are reading right now. Follow the following steps: Clone the Hugo repository Go into the repo Run hugo in server mode and build the docs Open your browser to http://localhost:1313 Corresponding pseudo commands: